AOP Saint-Joseph

Domaine Laurent Habrard 2017

€600 Bottle of 10cl

This AOC Saint-Joseph produced from a selected vineyard plot is typical of the appellation and of Laurent Habrard’s winemaking style. This is a dark coloured wine boasting blackcurrant-driven aromas with toasty, roasted notes on the nose and a deliciously drinkable palate. Its blackcurrant and cherry flavours combine with tannins to nicely accentuate the finish. Serve this wine with a black forest gateau for a moment of pure pleasure.

Bottle of 10cl €600
Saint-Joseph Domaine Laurent Habrard 2017


Vineyard name Domaine Laurent Habrard
Label of origin AOP Saint-Joseph
Vintage 2017
Grape varieties Syrah (100%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Rhône
Alcohol level 14.5%


Laurent Habrard

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Laurent Habrard represents the new generation of a family with a long tradition of winegrowing. He is passionate about what he does and believes in sharing his savoir faire. As a perfectionist, Laurent is constantly seeking to improve production methods to offer wines of incomparable quality.

Food and wine pairings

Red meat
  • Duck magret with cherry sauce, 
  • Rib steak with gratin dauphinois potatoes
  • Ossau iraty with cherry jam
  • Chocolate and cherry cake