AOP Pessac-Léognan

Château Carbonnieux Grand Cru Classé 2016

€900 Bottle of 10cl

Château Carbonnieux's Pessac Leognan is a legendary wine. It is said that in the 18th century it was drunk in the court of the Sultan of Constantinople, thus defying Koranic law. The people there called it 'Carbonnieux mineral water' because of its incredibly clear colour. You too can now enjoy this dry white wine with its amazingly rich flavors and astute balance of minerality and fruit. With its notes of citrus (orange zest), honeysuckle and pineapple, this Pessac Leognan will work extremely well with scallops in a Kaffir lime sauce.

Bottle of 10cl €900
Pessac-Leognan Château Carbonnieux 2016


Vineyard name Château Carbonnieux Grand Cru Classé
Label of origin AOP Pessac-Léognan
Vintage 2016
Grape varieties Sauvignon (70%), Sémillon (30%)
Tasting conditions 12 °C
Location Bordeaux
Alcohol level 12.5%


Eric et Philibert Perrin

Where history and terroir go hand in hand, it is often the promise of a great wine. From the Hundred Years' War to the Renaissance and the French Revolution, Château Carbonnieux has been defined by France’s historical events. Thanks to the extraordinary capacity of its terroir, Château Carbonnieux was awarded "Grand Crus de Graves" status for its white and its red wines, in the official classifications of 1953 and 1959. Only six chateaux out of Bordeaux’s 9,000 winemaking holdings have Cru Classé status for both their red and white wines. In 1956, the Château's running was taken over by the Perrin family who undertook a major replanting initiative. Today, the estate comprises 170 hectares of land just outside of Bordeaux. The vineyard, which has been there since the 13th century, now has 92 hectares of vines, and today it is the Perrin grandchildren, Eric and Philibert, who manage the Carbonnieux estate.

Food and wine pairings

  • Roasted sea bass, 
  • Scallops in orange zest
  • Goat cheese, 
  • Basque Country style ewe's milk cheese