AOP Bandol

Domaine La Suffrène 2013

€460 Bottle of 10cl

This rich and powerful red wine has all the characteristics of a classic Bandol. It is deep and warm in color and bursting with the aromas of black olives, blackcurrant jam, thyme and rosemary. The palate is smooth and concentrated in flavor with the delightful taste of Provence.

Bottle of 10cl €460
Bandol rouge Domaine La Suffrène 2013


Vineyard name Domaine La Suffrène
Label of origin AOP Bandol
Vintage 2013
Grape varieties Mourvèdre (55%), Grenache (20%), Cinsault (15%), Carignan (10%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Provence
Alcohol level 14.5%


Cédric Gravier

Cedric Gravier never had any doubts about his vocation for wine. His career path appeared to him after graduating from high school and traveling to the United States. Upon his return from the United States, Cédric Gravier began learning about winegrowing in Aix, and was helped a lot by his grandparents who had some vineyards in the vicinity of their village. It was in 1996 that he decided to take over the vineyard on his own and only at the age of 23.

Food and wine pairings

Red meat
  • Beef bourguignon, 
  • Grilled lamb chops